Welcome to Graduate School of Environmental Studies

The Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies was established in 2001, providing the first interdisciplinary postgraduate course for environmental studies and education in Japan by integrating various disciplines fully ranging from natural sciences to engineering to arts and social sciences. The graduate school consists of three departments; "Earth and Environmental Sciences", "Environmental Engineering and Architecture", and "Social and Human Environment". The courses are designed to increase the specialized knowledge of the field and, at the same time, embrace two specific and unique cross-disciplinary visions as its central concepts – “Sustainability" and "Safety and Security".
Our educational objective is to foster skills and abilities to "create", "apply", and "integrate". Our programs are designed to train students to gain knowledge in a wide spectrum of fields both in humanities and natural sciences beyond their field of study. The program also aims to give students leadership skills required in leading the community and organizations in a flexible manner. Through participation in collaborative projects, our students gain practical skills to resolve environmental issues which exist in the real world.
By linking three differing disciplines with two fundamental philosophies of "Sustainability" and "Safety and Security" , Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies promotes education, research, collaborative projects, and exchange amongst people and pursues the kind of education and research which fosters broad perspectives and multi-dimensional thinking.

  • NAGOYA UNIVERSITY Global Environmental Leaders Program