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Issuance of Certificates and Other General Procedures

◙ To obtain a certificate as a MEXT(*)-scholarship student

The application for the certificate as a MEXT(*)-scholarship student is available at GSES Student Affairs Office.
(*) Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

◙ Certificates

Certificates for current students can be issued by the automatic certificate issuing machine (for free of charge) or online certificate application service (partially charged).

Certificates Issued at Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

・Certificate of Enrollment

・Certificate of Expected Course Completion (For 2nd year students in Master's Course only)

・Medical Certificate (not available to students who did not receive the annual medical check-up in April)

・Student Discount Certificate for Train/Bus Services

・Transcript (For students who have been enrolled since 2015 only)

◙ Other Procedures

For how to report a change of address or name, how to apply for certificates, how to apply for a temporary leave of absence, how to register as the radiation-handling operator, and other procedures, please contact the GSES Students Affairs Office.

◙ Applying for Annual Medical Checkup

Students can receive the annual medical checkup at the Health Care Office.
Available dates are posted on the electronic bulletin board at the beginning of the academic year.

■For Inquiries:

Student Affairs Office of Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University
D2-1(510), Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, JAPAN 464-8601
E-mail: env@t.mail.nagoya-u.ac.jp

■Office Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00

Student Handbook

◙ For Entrants of AY2024

◙ For Entrants of AY2023

◙ For Entrants of AY2022

◙ For Entrants of AY2021

◙ For Entrants of AY2020

◙ For Entrants of AY2019

◙ For Entrants of AY2018

Off-campus access to the handbook requires a user ID and password.

Subjects Taught in English 2023 Spring&Autumn

(Depends on the needs of the majority of the students)


The syllabus for AY 2023 is below.

The current students can see the syllabus from NU Portal. Login to NU Portal → "Student Affairs" → "Course registration and grading" → "Syllabus"

Student Consultation Services

In the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, the Student Life Committee members provide the advising services to the students seeking for any support or advice on their study, research and every-day life issues. Please feel free to contact any members listed below.

AY2023 Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Student Life Committee





Earth and Environmental Sciences



Room434, School of Science/Graduate School of Science, Building E

SAKAI, Akiko


Room211, Common Building, Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Environmental Engineering and Architecture

HOTTA, Yoshihiro


Room515, ES Building



Room506, Environmental Studies Hall

Social and Human Environment

WAKUTA, Yukihiro


Room629, Environmental Studies Hall

IGA, Masaya


Room619, Environmental Studies Hall

International student advisor

CHUN Sohyun


Room 414 / GSES Lounge (4F), Environmental Studies Hall

* Please replace "(at)" with "@" when sending an e-mail.

◙ University-Wide Student Consultation Services (for both domestic and international students)

Office: 2nd Floor, Student Support Building, Higashiyama Campus
Tel: 052-789-5805
URL: https://www.gakuso.provost.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/student_support/scc/

◙ University-Wide Advising & Counseling Services (for international students)

Office: 7th Floor, West Wing, IB Building
Tel: 052-788-6117
URL: https://acs.iee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/advising/info.html

◙ International Student Advising Office at GSES

Office: Room 414, 4th Floor, Environmental Studies Hall (Kankyosogo-kan)
Tel: 052-789-3031

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