Seminar on Human Geography E  (394494)
Department of Social and Human Environment
Course  :  Doctoral Course
Subject Type  : 
Instructor  :  Professor TAKAHASHI, Makoto
Professor YOKOYAMA, Satoshi
Associate professor OKUNUKI, Kei-ichi
Credits  :  2
Class schedule  :  Wed.   2nd
Classroom  :  Instructor's Room
The purpose of this seminar is to learn the fundamental knowledge and research methods
of human geographical studies and to elaborate research plans for PhD dissertation.
This seminar provides the following 1) and/or 2):

1) Review and deliver a presentation of important and fundamental academic papers
related to the human geography, and discussion,
2) Discussion about participating students' interests based on their literature reviews.

The seminar is held separately by each instructor. At the first class, it should be discussed who is in charge of each participant, and when the class is held.
Grading Criteria
Presentation and participation in discussion (100%).
Course Textbook
Not used.
Recommended Reference Books, Other Study Material, and notes
Shown in the classes.
Language in class
▪ Presentation & Materials : Japanese and English
▪ Oral explanations : Japanese and English
▪ Questions in English : Available
e-mail address / Tel No / Room of Instructor(s)
Okunuki: kei.okunuki@nagoya&