Biological Oceanography  (191057)
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Course  :  Master's Course
Subject Type  :  Type 1 Subject
Instructor  :  Professor ISHIZAKA, Joji
Credits  :  2
Class schedule  :     
Classroom  : 
Understand the basic of biological oceanography.
Be able to discuss about the relation between marine organisms, especially phytoplankton which is the main primary producer, and the environment, including climate change, influenced by human activities,
1,2 Global Ecosystem and Ocean
3 Global Heat Budget and Atmosphere
4,5 Physical Oceanography: Motion of Sea Water
6,7 Chemical Oceanography: Salinity, Dissolved Matter
8 Marin Biology: Organisms, Taxonomic Group
9,10 Ocean Biological Production: Primary Production, Respiration
11 Material Cycling in Ocean
12,13 Ocean Remote Sensing: Principle, Characteristics, Application
14 Ocean Ecosystem Model: Time-dependent Model, Space-dependent Model
15 Changes of Ocean Ecosystem: Climate Change, Coastal Environment
Grading Criteria
Quiz (50%) and Report (50%)
Course Textbook
Biological Oceanography: An Introduction
Biological Oceanographic Processes
Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems
Recommended Reference Books, Other Study Material, and notes
Introduce in the class.
Language in class
▪ Presentation & Materials : English only
▪ Oral explanations : Japanese and English
▪ Questions in English : Available
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052-789-3487,Research Institutes Building 714