Seminar on Geophysics and Planetary Physics 2D  (3400168)
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Course  :  Master's Course
Subject Type  :  Type 2 Subject
Instructor  :  Professor WATANABE, Sei-ichiro
Professor KUMAGAI, Hiroyuki
Associate Professor SHIRONO, Sinichi
Credits  :  2
Semester  :  Autumn
Class schedule  :  Wed.   3rd
Classroom  :  Room 202-1/Science Hall
The purpose of this seminar is to understand earth and planetary science,one of the bases of environmental studies, deeply through discussion about various research seeds, and to improve each thesis research from wide viewpoints through presentation of resent progress of each research and study. Through deep learning in the seminar attending students will cultivate their skill of mathematical analysis, logical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.(DP1)
This seminar class will discuss recent literature pertaining to physics of the earth and planets. It will consist of discussion and debate of topics by everyone. All participants are required to attend the Guidance session on research ethics conducted as part of this seminar.
Grading Criteria
Evaluated by quality of each presentation, contribution to discussion in the seminar, and attendance.

Course Textbook
No general textbooks for this seminar course. Each instructor will recommend textbooks for a specific research theme, if necessary.
Recommended Reference Books, Other Study Material, and notes
Recommended reference books for each presentation will be presented by each instructor. Participants other than the members of Earth and Planetary Physics Laboratory should contact the instructors before the start of the seminar course.
Language in class
▪ Presentation & Materials : Japanese only
▪ Oral explanations : Japanese only
▪ Questions in English : Available
e-mail address / Tel No / Room of Instructor(s), 3651