English Communication in Environmental Issues  (000019)
Common Subjects
Course  :  Master's Course
Subject Type  :  Interdisciplinary Subject
Instructor  :  Assoc. Prof. IRYO, Miho
Prof. MUHANDIKI, Victor
Credits  :  2
Class schedule  :  Tue.   5th
Classroom  :  Lecture Room 2/Environmental Studies Hall
Develop ability to learn and think about environmental problems in English, and apply the ability for presenting and discussing one's ideas in English.
English communication ability is a fundamental requirement for engineers and scientists working in the field of environmental problems, since environmental problems are not unique to any one country. In this course students will be assigned specific subjects concerning environmental problems and will be required to study the assigned subjects deeply, and then present and discuss the studied subjects in class in English.

1. Orientation
2. Group discussion (about environmental issues in home country)
3. Group presentation (about environmental issues in home country)
4. Group discussion (about movies on environmental issues)
5. Group presentation (movies on environmental issues)
6. Group discussion (about environmental issues to be debated)
7. Group debate
8. Open discussion (about any environmental topic to be decided by the class)
9. Presentation (a few students to volunteer to present on a topic of their interest)
10. Class discussion (what is sustainability?)
11. Individual presentation
12. Individual presentation
13. Individual presentation
14. Individual presentation
15. Individual presentation
Grading Criteria
Students will be evaluated by the style and contents of their presentations, contribution to discussions in class, and term report. Those with less than 80% attendance in the class will not be evaluated.
Course Textbook
Not specified.
Recommended Reference Books, Other Study Material, and notes
Language in class
▪ Presentation & Materials : English only
▪ Oral explanations : English only
▪ Questions in English : Available
e-mail address / Tel No / Room of Instructor(s)
Tel Ext. 6044 iryo (at) nagoya-u.jp