Classes and Research Instruction in Basic Environmental Studies II  (004026)
Common Subjects
Course  :  Doctoral Course
Subject Type  :  Interdisciplinary Subject
Instructor  :  Prof. Tsuneo Takeuchi
Prof. Masao Takano
Prof. Seiichiro Watanabe
Prof. Hirokazu Kato
Associate Prof. Noriko Sugiyama, others
Credits  :  2
Class schedule  :  Intensive   
Classroom  :  T.B.A
Part of teaching staffs, researchers and students of Nagoya University have developed and proposed Clinical Environmental Studies (CES) – a new way of research and social actions towards sustainable society, conducting diagnosis to treatment of environmental issues across the border of various disciplines in collaboration with stakeholders outside of research community, to solve the problems on the ground. The Classes and Research Instruction in Basic Environmental Studies (CBES) provides the students with the opportunity to deepen the understanding of what the system of the Basic Environmental Studies is, which are to support the CES, though the presentation, dialogue and discussion among students and teaching staffs.
Specifically, the participants will present and share their views and ideas on (1) systematic description of the environment (object of diagnosis and treatment), (2) method of diagnosis, prescription and treatment, and (3) vision, mission, attitude and posture of research and action, in terms of CES.

1 to 2 seminars a month. 1 hour 30 minutes for each class. The schedule will be determined after consultation among students and teaching staffs.
1) Brief introduction of Clinical Environmental Studies (CES)
2) Presentation on “my” ideas of Basic Environmental Studies that support CES (By teaching staffs; and by students; dialogue and discussion follow presentation for each class) with perspective toward sustainable society.
The details will be explained at the guidance of the Integrated Environmental Studies Course:
Date and time: 15:00 – 17:00, Friday, 11th April 2015
Venue: Lecture Room 3, 3rd floor, Environmental Studies Building, Higashiyama Campus
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▪ Presentation & Materials : Japanese and English
▪ Oral explanations : Japanese and English
▪ Questions in English : Available
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