Sustainability and Environmental Studies  (3400007)
Common Subjects, G30 Earth and Environmental Sciences Graduate Program, G30 Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program
Course  :  Master's Course
Subject Type  :  Interdisciplinary Subject
Instructor  :  Professor TANIKAWA, Hiroki
Associate Professor IRYO, Miho
Associate Professor ZINCHENKO, Anatoly
Credits  :  2
Semester  :  Autumn
Class schedule  :  Fri.   2nd
Classroom  :  Lecture Room 2/Environmental Studies Hall
The objective of the course is to provide students with several definitions, views, interpretations, and analyses on the notion of sustainability.
The lectures are to be given by several lecturers that may include external guest speakers. Sustainability covers broad areas. It is therefore inevitable that the course consists of various topics. The course tries to clarify the topics from three viewpoints, namely: 1) Society and/or social sciences, 2) Observation and data by natural sciences, and 3) Urban and spatial perspective. One common element that should be noted here is “safety”.

1. Orientation
2. What is “Sustainability” and “Sustainable Development”?
3. Sustainable Transport Systems
4. Global Change Monitoring by Remote Sensing
5. Safe Production and Consumption of Chemical Products
6. Creating Urban Green Infrastructure
7. Present Status of Scientific Understanding of Global Warming
8. Natural Disasters and the Society: A Case of the 2004 Tsunami and its Effects to Aceh, Indonesia
9. Kosa and Desertification
10. Sustainable Material Use and Low-carbonization Society
11. Open Discussion
12. Open Discussion
13. Open Discussion
14. Report Submission and Wrap-Up Discussion
There are additional overtime studies regarding each lecture.
Grading Criteria
Evaluation is carried out by reports (100%). Students have to attend all lectures as the schedule for the next class will be announced in the previous class. Those with less than 80% attendance in the class will not be evaluated.
The course withdrawal request scheme does not apply to this course.
Course Textbook
To be announced in the first lecture
Recommended Reference Books, Other Study Material, and notes
To be introduced in each lecture
Language in class
▪ Presentation & Materials : English only
▪ Oral explanations : English only
▪ Questions in English : Available
e-mail address / Tel No / Room of Instructor(s)
Miho Iryo <>Env. Bld. 401
Hiroki Tanikawa <>, Env. Bld. 505