Frontiers of Environmental Studies 2  (000024)
Common Subjects
Course  :  Master's Course
Subject Type  :  Interdisciplinary Subject
Instructor  :  Professor MORI, Yasuhiro
Assoc. Prof. IIZUKA, Satoru
Assoc. Prof. MIYAWAKI, Masaru
Assoc. Prof. OZAKI Fuminobu
Credits  :  2
Class schedule  :  Thu.   4th  5th
Classroom  :  Lecture Room 2/Environmental Studies Hall
" Various future aspects of cities and architecture supporting our living "

This lecture aims to understand what future aspects of sustainable cities and architecture should be. Researchers outside our university, who specialize in architectural design, environment and structural engineering, carry out lectures for the following data.
4/13 Orientation

4/27 Emeritus Prof. Jun Kanda(the Univ. of Tokyo, Structural Engineering)

5/13 Assoc. Prof. Toru Kubota (Hiroshima Univ., Architectural Environment)

5/18 Assoc. Prof. Kazuyoshi Nishijima (Kyoto Univ., Structural Engineering)

5/25 Mr. Tadahiro Kasuya (Toyota city government, Architectural Design)

6/1 Prof. Hiroyuki Kusaka(the Univ. of Tsukuba, Meteorology and Climatology)

6/15 Dr. Koji Hanya (Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Co., Structural Engineering)

6/22 Mr. Akio Hosoi (Urban Formative Architect and Associates, Architectural Design)
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